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Анастасия 22

Домработница, Няня
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Все страны
С проживанием - постоянная занятость
  • Нахожусь в: Все страны,
  • Гражданство: Украинское
  • Документы: Право на безвизовый въезд (биометрический паспорт)

О себе

Dear host family, I was born in the not big city Dniprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine. My parents are very kind and sociable people. I always feel their love and support. My mother Helen,she works in pharmacy, she keeps house and takes care of our family. My dad, Leonid,pensioner, now he likes gardening very much. I don’t have siblings,but grow up in a climate of constant communicate and mutual aid, I have a lot of cousins ,nephews,I care about. Completed school, I thank I need to be more of independent and my family helped to me. I went to study in Teachers Training Colledge in Zaporizhia. I decided on the profession I wanted to have. Even strange people told me that is my calling,because I am very good with kids. In high school and colledge I had an active social life. I was competitions on various subjects, flash mobs, I wrote my coursework on « Comparison of education in Ukraine and abroad». I am very interested in this, to learn from the experience and improve. I like active rest and sport in my free time. I don't like to be home, seeing the world and learning new things are the keys to good teaching. I haird about this programme before, but did not have an opportunity to leave my country because of studies. Before I didn't have a huge social life with children as I am. Since freshman year of college we had so many practice in school, spent our lessons, communicated with children,learned their souls. After third years of study I worked teamleader in the camp in summer. In the last year I spent a lot of time with a lot of kids, I worked in the correction- and development-training centres. In future, I want to be a good teacher and help the child to learn the outward things. I was Au pair during 3 month in Madrid,Spain. It was a wonderful period of my life and amazing experience. I want to study new countries and have the goal of improving my English. I'm looking forward to meet you, my dear future family!


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Дополнительная информация

  • Ищет работу в: Все страны
  • Образование: Среднее
  • Специальность: Учитель младших классов
  • Родной язык: Нет
  • Знание языков: Нет
  • Вождение: Нет прав
  • Рекомендации: Да

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