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Без проживания - гибкий график
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  • Гражданство: lithuania
  • Документы: Паспорт ЕС

О себе

Hello, My name is Inga. I was born in Lithuania but grew up in the UK. I am fluent in three languages, English, Russian and Lithuanian. I am a qualified primary school teacher (UK) with six years of experience in British and international schools. I have worked with children in Spain, Russia, US and UK (a certified police check from each one of these countries is available). Ideally I am looking for either a Russian-speaking or an English-speaking family who would like their children to have a bilingual interaction with their nanny. I am also more than happy to tutor the kids in all elementary subjects, including art and philosophy (P4C certificate available). I am well-educated and well-travelled. My interests include architecture, reading, photography and astronomy. I love animals so any pets are welcome! :) References from my former employers are available on demand! I look forward to meeting your family! :)


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  • Ищет работу в: Все страны
  • Образование: Нет
  • Специальность: Нет
  • Родной язык: Нет
  • Знание языков: Нет
  • Вождение: Есть
  • Рекомендации: Да

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