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Netherlands, Amsterdam
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Гражданство: Россия
Документы: По приглашению

Обо мне

Hello. My name is Anastasiya.I am from Russia.I have a family-mother,father,brother and a small son,hi is 11 years old.My parents lives together already 31 years/my father has a own business in the area of trade.My mother is a housewife.My brother helps my father in business, My son goes to school,professionally engaged in sports-Judo.I also have many nephews. We often to meet and spending our time together.All my life I lived in Krasnoyarsk this is not a very big city in Siberia. when I was a small girl I went to the kindergarten, attended a choral singing and involved in dance. Then I gone to school and at the time continued to have a dance, and also explored martial arts-Taekwondo.After school I went to the university , I studied there 4 years, not finished because I need to work. I have a big work experience with kids. I bring up my son myself, to care about him.Also my cousins trust me their children when they are busy. I like to spend my free time with books, i prefer to read a classical literature. I go to the fitness club and swimming pool. In winter I sledding and skating, in summer -bicycle and rollers. English language I start to study 6 month ago.To learn myself at home with books and audiolessons. I like to travel, I was in Greece and Romania. i want to known au pair or nanny because I love kids and i can get new knowledge residing in the Netherlands.I am very interested in this country - culture, features,and mentality. I do not rule out the possibility that after the program , I continue my studies at the University in Amsterdam.

Образование и опыт

Образование: Среднее
Родной язык: Русский
Иностранные языки: English

Мои особенности

Вождение: Есть права
Рекомендации: Нет

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