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Гражданство: Россия
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Обо мне

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dasha and I`m from Russia. My profession is a journalist. I was study in Saint-Petersburg State university of cinema and television. After my study I was working in Russian channel as reporter.( I have recommendation from my director if you want). But then I realized that I cant stay for a long time in one place and I want to try different jobs and discover more countries. So I decided to change my life and take part in project by Russian Geographical Society. It was archaeological excavations. We lived in the camp with other 100 volunteers from around the world. So it was good opportunity to practice my english language and I want to continue this. Now I`m free to start new trip and find new programm or job. Why I choose Au Pair? At first, I`m very communicative person and I can change place of residence without problems. I want to try live in another country to discover international customs and mentality. And also to give some benefit from me. The second point - my big love to children. I have two small sisters and one brother. Every day I take care of them and so I know how teach them, how feed and walking, its only simple examples. I`m ready to take care of foreign babys since birth. I think you can rely on me with that. Besides my own sisters and brother, I had practice with other babys. I had a kind of job for a year. I met from garden and then teach a child age 5. His parents bielived me at all work and this girl loved me. So all of this points give me a reason to start my Au Pair. Maybe I didnt write something here, give me your questions and I answer you with big pleasure.

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Образование: Среднее
Родной язык: Русский
Иностранные языки: English

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Вождение: Нет прав
Рекомендации: Есть

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